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We stock a wide variety of new computers, servers, pos, the computers of the occasion and complete equipment of the occasion.

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    Computers second-hand and Second-Hand

    At IDC you can find the best second hand computers and on the occasion that fit both your needs as well as your economy.

    All our second hand computers have been evaluated by our technical service in Madrid in order to be able to offer you the best computer equipment second-hand with a full guarantee and at the best possible price.

    Among our products you can find second hand computers cheap and of great quality from big brands such as IBM, HP, Dell or Lenovo, among others.

  • The Complete Equipment, Occasion

    The complete equipment of Occasion, and Second-Hand

    At IDC we offer you the possibility to buy your computer second-hand complete with the best warranty and at very competitive prices so that you can deposit in us your trust.

    Computers complete with monitor, keyboard, tower, etc-the more well-known brands such as HP or IBM, among others. The second hand computers that you can buy in our store in Madrid or online has been used only by professionals and are in perfect condition as they have gone through an arduous audit of our technicians in order to offer you always the best and the most suitable to your needs.

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    In our section POS you can find all types of drawers usb, computers, pos, readers, bar-code and pull-out drawers electrical