Who We Are

International Data Computer

Founded in 1991 in Madrid, our experience consists of many years of work in the management of companies taking care of detail and giving global advice both in the areas of purchase and sale of computer products such as desktop computers, servers, laptops second hand, etc. as in comprehensive maintenance services nationally and internationally.


Distribution channel

IDC follows a policy of agreements with manufacturers and distributors that implies a better and more flexible service for both hardware and software, better management of guarantees, etc.

As a consequence of this and due to the great experience and service capacity that IDC offers, large companies from different branches of the IT sector have chosen International Data Computer as Official Distributor of their products such as computers, laptops or monitors among others. Currently IDC, is through the manufacturer Official Distributor of HP, IBM, CISCO or EPSON.

International Broker

IDC, as a member of the main international Brokerage associations, currently has agreements with the most important international companies that allow us to carry out operations with more than a thousand brokers worldwide in real time through online connection, performing both purchases and sales of computers and computer components. The range of products is very extensive, ranging from personal computers, laptops, and servers, communication equipment and elements with spare parts of all kinds, components and hard drives to large computers, bank terminals, ATMs, point of sale terminals, printers, etc. The scope of action is both national and international. All logistics control is the responsibility of this department.


Our computer and network maintenance services cover all the needs for maintenance and repair of equipment and computers, computer auditing, software, networks, communications, security, system configuration, user training, etc. The structure of the technical department is based on a number of field technicians (own and contracted), associated with the different types of equipment, who are responsible for dealing with any breakdowns that occur. Parallel to the technical field groups, IDC has a group of specialists to support the different equipment lines and who are responsible for supporting the repair work of the field technicians and specialists. Our technical staff is highly qualified and in permanent training to keep up to date with new technologies. With this structure, our company specialized in the sale of second-hand computers guarantees the monitoring of each breakdown, speeding up the repair and guaranteeing a higher quality of work. Technical support to our branches is carried out by highly qualified personnel, capable both of advising technicians in difficult-to-solve faults and of moving to the fault location if required.

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