IDC as a member of the main associations of Brokerage international, currently has agreements with the most important companies of international scope that may allow us to perform operations with more than one brokers at a global level in real-time via the online connection, performing both purchasing and sales of computers and computer components. The range of products is very extensive ranging from personal computers, laptops, and servers, computers and communications elements with spare parts of all types, components and hard drives to large computers, terminals, bank atms, pos terminals, printers etc, The scope is both national and international. All the logistical control is the responsibility of this department.

Our services computer maintenance and networking cover all the needs of maintenance and repair of equipment and computers, auditing, computer, software, networks, communications, security, system configuration, user training, etc., The structure of the technical department is based on a number of field technician (own and concluded), associated to the different types of equipment, that are responsible for responding to breakdowns that occur. In parallel to the groups of field technicians, IDC has a group of specialists to give support to the different lines of equipment and they are responsible to support the work of repair technicians and specialists in the field. Our technical staff is highly qualified and in continuous training to keep abreast of the new technologies. With this structure, our company specialized in sale of second hand computers ensures the follow-up of each failure, expediting the repair and ensuring a higher quality of work. Technical support to our branches is carried out by highly skilled personnel, able to both advise technicians in troubleshooting difficult to solve as you navigate to the location of the fault if required.