Payment by credit card

Allows you to comfortably afford your order with your card 3DSecure.

What is 3DSecure?

 It is a new system of collection of Visa and Mastercard (Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code), which allows you to pay conveniently for their purchases but with a secure system. It is characterized by having the system more modern in terms of safety and reliability. Guaranteed the payment of the amount through the authorization of the bank. This system avoids payments are not made by the author, with a system confirmation via a secret code or a request to the mobile.

How do I get it?

 You simply have to request it to your bank which will take care of provide it. It is not necessary to change your card, you can activate this service on your current card. In some banks, you can activate it comfortably on the phone, without having to travel to their offices.

Bank transfer

 By payment or transfer to our bank account stating your name and the order number that will be indicated at the time of your purchase.

For your convenience IDC puts at your disposal the following banks in which you can make the payment:

Bankinter - ES75 0128 0046 8401 0008 4051


 PayPal is the payment service on the Internet that allows you to pay securely, easily and quickly, with a simple and easy registration, plus PayPal account not cost you anything.

 Your banking data or credit card only stored on PayPal, making PayPal payments even safer. Payments are made simply with two clicks you won't have to write every purchase data from your credit card!

 This form of payment will have a surcharge of 3,40% on the total amount of your purchase, as shown in the breakdown of the price. More a fixed cost 0,35 €.

Payment in our offices (Cash or card)

 The payment will be made at our offices: Calle Las Marineras, naves 9 y 11 - 28864 AJALVIR (Madrid). Can be paid in Cash or by Debit Card/Credit.

Payment with Cetelem