How do I buy an item I'm interested in?

 In the window that displays the detailed description of the item, simply click on the button "add to cart". You can select as many items as you want.

What If I am not satisfied with my purchase can I return the order?

 You can return the order within 14 days from the time you received it. You can bring it personally to our facilities, or send us freight pre-paid.

 Items being returned must be in good condition and with their original packaging. For more information on how to proceed with the return of the merchandise see paragraph "Warranty and Returns"

Can you send me the order or can I go by myself to pick it up?

 The two options are possible: you may receive the order directly by transit agency, or if you want to, come pick it up personally at our warehouse. There is also the possibility that you can send your transport company to pick up the merchandise.

 If you want more information see our section "Shipping and transport" or click here.

How long is the warranty?

 The warranty period applicable to new products is three years from the date of the product's delivery note, two years to refurbished products and one year to used products. IDC will assume such period of coverage regardless of manufacturer's coverage.

It will be understood that the product is new when the delivery note indicates the word "New". Otherwise, it will be understood that the product is used or reconditioned.

 If you want more information see our section "Orders and Returns" or click here.

What is a reburbished computer in IDC?

 The equipment of the occasion offered by IDC are used computers from the most prestigious brands on the market and from professional use.

 All of our products occasion are audited by our technical service. Are reviewed, refurbished, and cleaned for its new use. The Computers are sold without any type of data uses earlier. The operating system is installed corresponding to the original license held by each team.