List of Services

At IDC we want to offer you a comprehensive service for all your computer systems, so if you're a company as an individual we can make to offer you assistance or technical advice you need.

In our facilities Aljalvir, Madrid, spain we have our own technical laboratory. In addition we have a network of technical staff that allows us to have coverage in all of spain.

Some of the services we can provide are:

Computer Maintenance

Because your peace of mind is most important ..

Our services computer maintenance covering all your business needs: maintenance and repair of computers, computer audit, software, networks, communications, security, system configuration, user training...

Our technicians are highly qualified and in continuous training to keep abreast of the new technologies.

Wide coverage at the national level. We have branches in the main provinces to ensure the best response time and quality service to all our clients.

IDC has training centres which ensures the continuous adaptation of our technicians to the changing needs of the market and to the continued evolution of computer technologies. These centres are specialised in the training of maintenance technicians on all computers that IDC supports; in addition, they are taught periodically refresher courses and training in software.

IDC offers the maintenance mode that best fits their needs at all times:


We guarantee our customers a FULL coverage in front of any incidence of operation of their hardware equipment as well as their correct configuration, updating drivers, etc...

· Portátiles
· Impresoras
· Disqueteras
· Fusores
· Portable
· Printers
· Floppy drives
· Fusers
· Monitors
· Disks
· Plates
· Power supplies
· Streamers


Our software experts will advise you to cover any need your company's level of networking, configuration of hardware, communications, operating systems, web pages, applications, backoffice, and the software more suitable for your activity.


The parts and components necessary for the putting into service of the damaged equipment shall be replaced without additional charge to the customer.

Technical Support

A technical support professional available to address the problems that computer technology poses to daily users of all levels.

Technical Service

Located in our facilities near the airport of Madrid (Barajas) with a total area of approximately 1,200 m2 our Technical Service is composed of two clearly differentiated areas: the Technical Department and Repair Center. Technical Department.- This department is in charge of the communications projects, installations, technical consultancy, etc from the study of the needs of the customers and the development of the projects until their full implementation, and verification.

This department also conducts quality control and auditing of the material received and delivered in the area of Brokerage and distribution channel.

Repair center.- Performs repairs to the component level to a variety of electronic elements, mainly in the computer industry and communications. Our centre is equipped with the latest technologies in systems of diagnostics, machines, tools, welding systems multi-layer, SMD, hot air, welding miniola for microcircuits etc

Once repaired, all the elements are subjected to a rigorous quality control prior to being packaged in the warehouse. The repaired products are of the top brands in the computer industry: IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell, EPSON, LEXMARK etc.

Search of spare parts

If you need to seek out a replacement given, escríbénos indicandonos the features, brand, part number, or the maximum information that you have to make easier and faster the process. Drop us a mail by clicking here